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19th February 2013

Question with 2 notes

stejamjammy-deactivated20130722 said: 2s and 4s :)

02: Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

On Serenity putting my 3 years of Chinese to some use. 

04: Your views on religion.

You’re free to choose any religion you want as long as you keep it to yourself.


  • woke up
  • decided to skip class
  • woke up again and actually went to class
  • tumbled for 2 hours partly so as to avoid eye contact with the professor 
  • watched doctor who with my roommate 
  • moar tumblr 

14: Your earliest memory.

The first time I sat on Santa’s lap I forgot what I was supposed to ask him for so I asked for a little brown ball with a star on top.

22: How have you changed in the past 2 years?

I’ve started calling people out on their shit bc no.

24: Your favorite movie and what it’s about.

I’m gonna go with the Hobbit bc it was so well done. The Hobbit is the prequel to Lord of the Rings. The main plot is about a group of dwarves, with the help of a hobbit and a wizard, going to reclaim their home from a greedy dragon. 

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